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Flight Physics 1.0.0

Flight Physics is a collection of scripts for flight simulation. It includes scripts for aerodynamics, rotation control for believable control-surface motion, and scripts for targeting and weapons.


Control surfaces or thrusters placed on your aircraft directly generate the forces that move the rigidbody. These forces are predicted by the rotation control, to make the adjustments that control the aircraft. The result is believable motion of the aircraft and its control surfaces.

The accuracy and behaviour of the rotation control can be tweaked to optimise performance and for different flight effects.

The main components are small and modular, and potentially useful in applications other than flight-sims.

The custom time-update implementation that runs along-side Unity's updates provides consistent timing under load.

Contains math for accurate prediction of trajectories.

Demo scene

The 48x48 km demo scene provides a fictional aircraft. Also in the scene is a floating short runway and some simple enemy ship opposition.


  • This is only just released and there are likely to be unknown flaws and further development required. Documentation is brief.

  • While the single demo aircraft is provided that can be modified, this is not a single script to create an aircraft. Set up is required for the positioning of forces, balancing of mass, detection and input.

  • The provided input setup depends on the legacy input system.

  • Models and some scripts are provided mainly for the purpose of the demo. For example the HUD, scene and some demo fighter-jet specific scripts.

  • To use the detection scripts in a scene with many objects may need you to implement the oct-tree interface.

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